Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teaching the Old a New Trick!

I was blessed with the opportunity today to catch up with a friend from high school and as a bonus she taught me a new colouring technique.  Was a wonderful time all around!

Not sure if there is a name for the technique but it makes me think of stained glass art.  I will attach my pictures first so you get an idea of what it looks like then I'll add the instructions.  I had a really hard time trying to get a picture that showcased the glitter.

This is a very basic instuction so please contact me if you want more specific details. To do this you need a raised outline sticker, sookwang tape, glitter ritz and copics.  A raised outline sticker is carefully placed on a sheet of sookwang cut/sized to the sticker (depending on how intricate the detail is on the sticker this can be easy or very challenging).  Cover the entire sookwang sheet with glitter ritz (we used warm hue), remove the excess and rub in well.  Pick an edge inside the sticker and add a thin line of a vibrant dark copic colour.  Now here is where it gets really neat - use your blender pen to move that colour through that section of the sticker.  Decide if you want to add different colours to differentm sections, use a colour theme or even blend different colours within one section.  I had so much fun with it and my 9 year old daughter watched and has also done an image as well.  It is so easy but looks so amazing.  After I completed my project I did find that I had emptied my blender pen so not sure if it was low or if I used too much.

I can't wait to show some of my friends now how to do this - thanks again Tanya for the visit and for teaching (and learning togethor) how to make this technique work.


Nancy said...

That looks really pretty :) thanks for the 'lesson'. I knew you could colour right over, but I didn't know that you could use the blender pen.

Hill Top Creations said...

Oh wonderful... I want to see it done. Love the look of the butterfly..If you need a refill for the blender pen let me know I have a large bottle. Take Care

Graphicat said...

VERY cool!!! Cant wait to see it for"real"